July 2015

The Bionic Pancreas

This is a tough one for me.  I have spent the last 20 years living in a pipe dream for a cure it seems. The best they can up with is a back light for the bs monitors.  (Although I have to admit – thats pretty damn cool.)  I was accepted for the islet cell transplantation in 2000 with the John Hopkins University in Canada.  I turned it down.  The auto-immune drugs they gave you so your body doesnt reject the islet cells causes cancer.  I thought – well, I can live a little longer than that.

Diabetes might be bad but I wanted quantity over quality of life.   So I quit hoping.  I quit dreaming. And I burned out!

Until I finally got the survey from Glu reg: The Bionic Pancreas.

I never read about it.  I didnt get hyped.  No excitement here. Nothing but resentment and resentment towards the others who WERE stoked.  I mean, how could they be so dumb and lame to believe in much of anything?  By the time I can now buy health insurance with a pre-existing condition, I have been too sick and in too much pain to work to pay for it.  Or have someone else help me out.  Its a little late for me to be happy about that.  But finally!  Finally for all the youngsters starting out in life.

And now the Bionic Pancreas.  And its pretty damn freaking cool!  And it sparked a new hope in me.  It raised my desire to live well.  It gave me, maybe- just maybe – there might be  a light at the end of the tunnel.  All the technology is there. Its already been made. If you dont mind having the invasive tech on 3 sites in your body at times, you can smile again.  🙂


Hello world!

Hello world.  I am a T1D.  I was diagnosed at age 16.  I was misdiagnosed for 4 years beforehand.  Its been nearly 20 years now since diagnosis.  I have created this blog for the first time in my life in order to share with the world my daily thoughts, struggles and triumphs in hopes others can learn and understand.  I am an advocate for awareness and education.

I love kittens, photography, travel, anthropology and naturopathy.

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