I’ve joined the #DOC recently for the first time. And everyone mentions how great it is in passing. Mostly related to emotional support. But there are a few life saving things among other things I’ve learned. We take this for granted. My gratitude is unsurpassed. These are all things my Dr never told me! In 20 years! That’s perspective too! (Thank you Ally for perspective on perspective. :-D)

1. Insulin needs to stay at 35°-45° before opening.

2. Others my age are already going through kidney dialysis. WTF?! I need to get my shit together…

3. Test more often! 3X/day that I’ve always been prescribed all these years is going to kill me. It’s not going to keep me alive.

4. #T1D diabetes sucks. Nomatter how you look at it. We want a cure already.

5. Write things down. Keep a log. It just helps. Period.

6. Everyone else is struggling with the # psychosis just like me. I’m not a loser or a failure because my blood sugar has a mind of its own. Referring to: you do one thing one day, bs is fine. Do the very same freaking thing the next, they are out of this world and off traveling the freaking universe. I’m not alone. The guilt and shame I’ve carried around since a teenager is now going away.

7. The world, people at large, the masses – are completely and utterly UNAWARE of what #T1D REALLY IS.

8. Self Advocacy. We deserve good DRs that listen and if not we are allowed to shop for a new one.

9. Living alone is hard and dangerous. Need to be prepared and take extra precautions.

10. Chats. One chat in particular that talked about health insurance gave me the answers and new information in order for me to get health insurance where I live. No more traveling out of state every month for DRs appts which is Very dangerous for me. My feet go numb after a couple hours of driving. Now I hope to live longer. 😀

11.  Celebrate! What?! REALLY?! Yes! Anything. Everything! Good bs readings, your diaversary, better A1Cs, etc.

Thank you #DOC.