I never once in my life had any hope for a cure with the exception of the islet cell transplants they were doing back in my younger days. Those failed. I had one quick glimmer of hope and then none. Its not that I am pessimistic. Just a realist I guess.  Insulin was found 94 years ago, come on now. I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or anything, seriously.  And I am not trying to justify why I don’t believe or don’t have hope.  But with the advent of @verylightnosuga’s constant mention of it, I came to realize WHY NOT?!

Why not dream and hope and imagine and believe! – even if it will never happen in my lifetime or ever?  Why not throw those imaginary parties in my mind and join the fun wondering WHAT WOULD WE DO?  Can you imagine all of #DOC getting together in one place?  What country would we host it in?  On what island?  What cruise ship? Can you imagine all the cupcakes and champagne and streamers and music? Oh yes, Nick Jonas would sing for us for sure. Ryan Reed would give the toast. Get the picture?!

Then I wondered, what if it really does happen?!