I have a new Dr. He’s nice. He’s good. But something got me simmering then thinking. He asked me “what was your last A1C?” Deadly glare. (Hey I worked really hard to bring it down a point and a half in the last 3 months! That wasn’t easy! I was proud! He wasn’t.) I thought that A1C was good. But it wasn’t great.

I think with the all the hypos and then the dangerously low hypos especially in my sleep, I developed PTSD towards it. It’s scary. So on purpose I kept it just a little below the great. I’ve become less and less aware of these hypos. So what’s the answer?

Don’t be afraid to go for the great.

Yes that means I have to set alarms. I have to check a little more frequently. (Geez aren’t I checking enough?) I have to get more down with CalorieKing on the fly. I need to log everything, make sure I got my carb ratio just perfectly right. I have to bring down my sliding scale for corrections. Whoever the hell thought it was OK to start correcting at 180? That’s what I’ve always been told. Screw that. I have to lean on the #DOC for support. Only because they’re the only ones that really seem to get it. And my sister of course.

I can do this. #makemalinagreatagain