I went to see a new RD yesterday.  As we were sitting there crunching numbers and going through logs she stands up and says “let’s talk about blame for a second. (I’m thinking, excellent! A therapy moment about my parents or the healthcare system or myself.) Stop blaming the food!  It’s not the foods’ fault!” I just sat there – stunned.  And she sat down.  Of course it’s not the foods’ fault! But is it?  Have I ever blamed the food I eat?  Now that I think of it, of course I do!  I always have!  And thinking of blame, I blame that on my grandma for yelling at me for eating a muffin 20 years ago.  At that time, of course it was the Muffin’s fault for everything.  For my high blood sugar, for giving me diabetes, for making me feel miserable.  For putting me in the hospital.  So then on out everything was the foods’ fault.  Not diabetes’.

Now that I sit here and ponder this I’m thinking of how important the role of food is.  For me, historically, globally.  For our bodies.  This is the sole source of nutrients for our body.  Food is the best way to get vitamins and minerals and fiber.  It’s the fuel and the energy for our daily living.  It’s our sustenance.  Then I remember how my Dad would always bless the food at the dinner table every night so that it gave strength and nourishment to our physical bodies.   Most families pray for the food at Thanksgiving.  Some Eastern cultures believe they can purify water by meditating on it.  Food is so much more than that nasty little booger that raises our glucose.

What a miracle -mentally- to be able to let go of food blame and get back to blessing it.