I called a dear friend that I’ve known for 17 years. I told him how excited I was that I had bought some adult coloring books. He was upset that I said this and said “I don’t want to hear about that I want to know how you’re doing”.  Well, I didn’t want to tell him how I was doing. I always do – and it gets old.  But I went into it anyway.  I gave him all the ugly boring details of my health and wellness being my main focus and priority right now. I explained how I’m starting from the beginning and how much work it takes.  I told him about all my symptoms and physical pain stemming from various things.  All of this is chronic and I hoped I told him in such a way that I didn’t have to explain it again. At least for a long while.  I told him the nitty gritty gorey stuff, the whole picture of what I go through day in and day out, sparing nothing.

When I was done, I slammed, “That’s why I color”.  He kindly responded, “I understand.”